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Flourish lama


Product Description

Omnipotent stickers FLOURISH LAMA sailor stickers 
The booming sailor sailor sticker doesn't have any glue or nails to use  as long as it's gently swinging,
It can be attached to the wall, even if uneven walls are no problem.
And elastic, you can put anything that has amazing suction!
Don't think it will tear off when you stick it. Gently tear the edges. It will peel easily and leave no marks.
Don't worry, tear it down. The glue won't make the top. Just rinse it and change it immediately!
Sailor stickers are not afraid of ultraviolet light and high temperature exposure.
Even when the temperature reaches 100 degrees C, there is no melting or deformation.
Sailor sticker adhesion is very stable,
The bottle sticking to the wall won't fall off, but it is not recommended to challenge its use restrictions.
So when sales, but also need to remind customers to pay attention to the safety of goods, heavy, easy and expensive items.
Should be avoided as long as possible vertical or inverted paste, in case of accidental damage!

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